Wholistic Psychotherapy
Maureen F Balaam M.S. MFT
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Partnership and Collaboration is how professionals can best help their clients. Working together on a team, is a more efficient approach to resolving difficult situations. There are three pages dedicated to how a working collaboration could be of benefit. Two of the categories are for Attorneys and Medical Doctors or Health Professionals. These sections show how consultation with Wholistic Psychotherapy can benefit either yourself in dealing with a particular client or how a referral to Wholistic Psychotherapy might benefit a client. Consultation between Wholistic Psychotherapy and your office for the ongoing continuity of care would be part of our goal to provide excellent service. Find out how consulting with Wholistic Psychotherapy can be helpful to your business. The third category Applied Wholistic Therapies is a brief explanation of my collaboration with a professional in the field of alternative healing arts and how we are working together for our mutual clients.
MD and other Health Professionals Attorneys/Mediators Specialty Court Programs
Applied Wholistic Therapies

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