Wholistic Psychotherapy
Maureen F Balaam M.S. MFT
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Wholistic Psychotherapy is a blend of traditional psychotherapies with the addition of philosophies and methods that support the healing of the Whole Person: Mind-Body-Spirit-Soul. Attention to all of the levels of a person will support their innate growth towards healing. 

All of us have within ourselves what it takes to heal ourselves, sometimes we misinterpret the messages from our minds or bodies, sometimes we get distracted and do not pay attention. All the while, our healthy part is urging us to do what we need to do to exist in a state of Health and Wholeness. What results from our not paying attention is stress, anxiety, depression, and emotions that are out of control. Illness can also be a result, as well as, accidents and discord with loved ones.

We live in a fast-paced world and these days stress is the norm. It is almost impossible to keep balanced every single day when the world is at war and our jobs are not respectful environments, when our kids need attention and our parents need care. Since we have evolved away from the time when we lived on farms and grew our own vegetables and raised our own meat, we have lost our connection to the earth which is a replenishing connection that gives us life energy. Remembering how to get back into that Life Rhythm is essential for us as living beings on this planet.

Wholistic Psychotherapy for me at this time includes using the following modalities when they seem to be appropriate and growth full for each person: Cognitive and Behavioral therapies; Communication theory; Family Systems therapy; Transpersonal and other Spiritual therapies; Energy Psychology and Medicine, Visualization; Creative Arts - drawing, movement, voice; Dream-body therapy; Somatic therapy and other Trauma methods.

Clients are also advised to adopt an exercise program, spiritual practice, and health plan that supports their needs. Also advised is developing a good support system and finding enjoyable community projects with which they can provide their expertise and inspiration.

I am a very creative person and I will draw on all of my knowledge and experiences to find what works for each person, including using my very strong and accurate intuition.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed by the State of California. License #23828.
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