Wholistic Psychotherapy
Maureen F Balaam M.S. MFT
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Wholeness is what we feel as babes in our loving motherís arms. The delight fills our bodies and senses and our joy bubbles over often. As we grow older and separate from mother and family, we can lose that wonderful feeling as our focus and attention gravitates to school and work and career. The feeling of wholeness and connection can be restored and is essential to living our life. It is the natural state our being wants to feel and in which we long to exist.

if you are a person that experiences:

Feelings of Aloneness or Loneliness ~ Chronic Illness ~ Chronic Pain ~ Unresolved Grief ~ Behavior Problems ~ Addictions ~ Feelings of Being Stuck ~ Identity Disorder ~ Spiritual Confusion ~ Trauma from any source.

And if you are willing to invest time and energy into your Self Wholistic Psychotherapy has solutions for you. Check out my website and see if you can find some answers right here. If you decide a consultation is for you click on the consultations link. Check back regularly for new articles and information

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